Monday, November 24, 2008


I have started linking with fellow artists and bear related business's at a site called LINKEDIn
I wasn't sure how well it would work and I knew it would be only as good as the amount of people that would join me. Its a case of 'more the merrier'.
I would love to have all the bear related business', artists and collectors all linked. It would make it something fantastic as a reference point online.
I know that the very 'Professional' edge this site has will/would scare some bear makers off. But it is this very edge that we need to embrace if we wish to have ourselves seen by the world at large.
The bear world has a bad habit of being insular. Staying where its snug and warm.
Check out LinkedIn. and then EMAIL me so I can send you an invitation to join us. A bear artist and collector community linked around the world.

The best thing I liked about this is a 'Favourites' hosted outside my own program.(I lost all my connections just recently) so I will no longer have to worry anymore.
PLUS.... you can rate the people you do business with.
PLUS.... if you are after something specific, someone LINKEDIn with you will undoubtedly have the business/ artist for you.
Come join me!!!!

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Ray said...

Linkedin was added to the Top 10 Employment site list with 2 other sites but linkedin is still the only social netwoking site on the list. 3 newest job sites on top list are: (professional networking) (aggregated job listings) (matches you to the perfect job)

Good luck to all those searching for jobs.