Monday, December 22, 2008

MoreTeddies come to stay.......

This wee darling arrived during the week from an organised swap on the forum Teddy Talk.
Isnt he just wonderful? I've named him BOB. (long story) any who Tracey Lee of Thimblebeary Originals designed and made this cute and unusual wee bear. I shall treasure him.
A surprise knock on the door on Sunday while just vegin out ( dont we all on Sunday?) brought this wee Sassy elephant via postal courier. designed and made by Laurie Wicks of Laurie Lou bears. As you can see Banjo is already settling in with his other English friends. He's feeling right at home.
PS: Fluffy has been banished to the bedroom for playing too roughly so Banjo need never fear.

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Raggy Rat said...

nice hug, it is growing, lucky wendy :-)

i MUST get back into TT again, properly - maybe inthe new year? i feel like im missing out ...