Friday, February 13, 2009

Flamenco Fandango

My lothario duck Flamenco Fandango has decided to take up the offer to reside in Germany and will emigrating come Monday. Thats what happens with these internet relationships.
They chat one day and are off to meet the aye? they want to leave the nest so fast.LOL


Raggy Rat said...

wow fantastic - i hadnt seen this - not enough time for TT?

yay, wendy is back n bloggin - i left you a gluey reply on my blog, incase it helps anyone else ...

Matilda said...

G'day Cat, was worried I had this blog all to myself. I was starting to feel lonely. hehe
I only started touting Flamenco mid last week. he was my charity submission for the 'Bear 4 BoBo' fund.

old_roses-memories said...

Hello Wendy,
we are very pleased to give Flamenco Fandango a good home.
There are a lot of rivers and seas here, where he can take a bath and have some fun. ;o))
Thank you so much for creating such a sweetheart.

Many greetings from Germany

Bodo & Tatjana

Matilda said...

Well what a lovely surprise Tatjana & Bodo. I am so glad he arrived safely and you have welcomed him into the family.
I have some news.....I just recently entered Flamenco into the ABC creative comp. That should be happening later this year.
cheers to you all

Sarah Medina, Jellybelly Bears said...

He's fantastic!!! Love him!!!