Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm Baaack..........

I'm back from my extended break and am all raring to go. Its pretty hot over here. For Sth Aust and Victoria thats an understatement. I am so glad to get home. I was surprised that my garden did very well without me. Clever me for picking drought tolerant plants.
I have lots of photos which I will pop on in dribs and drabs as I get them all together. I Met with fellow bearmaker Sarah Medina and have one rather poor photo of the Medina clan.
So I will pop that one on and you will all have to wait for the rest. A swap bear I have been panicing about has just arrived and I am dying to see it. Will post piccies tomorrow.


Ruth said...

Hiya !!
Glad to hear you had a great time ... and of course I loved seeing Sarah's Pippin the Papillon too ! :0)
Cheery Hugs ,

Raggy Rat said...

YAAAY ma wendy is back
i loved gettign your post card and the packae for the children (and me hoho) thank you very much
missed ya - man it was so quiet ! hehe
cat xxxx

Matilda said...

great to be back Cat. Glad you all liked the surprise.
Sarahs Papillon is a real licky wee dog Ruth. Cute, but licky. Spike is more my style, laidback and cool wee dude. hehe

Sarah Medina, Jellybelly Bears said...

You horrid girl, get that photo down ;) LOL, considering it was 47 C here I think we all deserved to look shocking LOL. Laura still has our photo in file, I must get on and add the finishing kitty touches myself before she never does LOL Pandas are here in October I think....Ready for another train ride? LOL