Friday, November 13, 2009

My Singapore Holiday Oct2009

these are just few of the pics I took on my trip to Singapore.The top left is a pergola on a walk over in China town. Top right is on Sentosa Island, this is where people come to swim and sunbath on the beach.. 2nd left is the fountain at Suntec City. You walk around it three times while drapping your fingers in its waters and make a wish. It was lots of fun to walk out there but it was a bugger to find.Suntec City is made up of 5 business towers with the fountain central. But we had to walk a confusing maze to get there. 2nd right is the huge, massive development on Sentosa Island. Hotels, fun park, casino just to name a few of the attractions that it will house. It is suppose to be finished in 2010.
3rd left are my friends on the Sky Tower on Sentosa Island. It is a donut shape contraption which glides up a central pole to give you some spectacular views over the sea and Singapore city.
3rd right is one such view from the Skytower.


Cheryl said...

Wow, Wendy! It looks like you had a very cool holiday! Love the photos.
Heaps of Hugs,
Bingle Bears

Aksenova Evgenia said...

Thank you very much for visiting my blog. You are welcome!!!