Friday, November 21, 2008

Geordie Hamster comes to stay

Yep, thats right.....a hamster and no ordinary Hamster either. A genuine 'Flutter-by-bear' hamster is this one. Made especially for me by Ruth Bowman who hangs out in the UK.
We did a swap you see. I hand over a Puddle she releases the
So here is a photo of 'Geordie' the cutest hamster you ever did see making friends.


Raggy Rat said...

love that grouping and im jealous of your swap i would steal them both, who make the fantastic snail? hubby also admired that ... i have a large shell i could do something with xxx

Matilda said...

The snail is mink and was made by Kath of Mink bears. I named him Boris and absolutely LOVE him!
I bought him for my birthday earlier in the year.

Ruth said...

Hi Wendy , just popped over to see her hob-nobbing with friends !! LOL
What a cute group ! I'm jealous of her emigrating hee hee :0)

Huggies , Ruth