Sunday, November 16, 2008

My garden leads a wild life

These two popped by on the weekend. The feed must be getting awfully scarce for the galahs to come by. They are heaps of fun to watch.
"don't forget to click on the photo for it to enlarge"
ringneck parrot....West Aust.
commonly known as the '28' this ringneck landed on my potplant just now and decided to have a munch on my succulents. cheeky devil. He did it yesterday as well but I didnt catch him on camera then lol


Raggy Rat said...

we love the books you sent thegirls when mary was born, but not sure how to pronouce galahs?
they try to say platypus, it must be hard growing up in oz, rabbit and dear are easier to say :-)

TinyBear said...

Hey Wendy
Just found your blog (thanks to Ruth) You know I love your Puddles :o) - I´ll link your blog to mine if that´s okay with you.
Hugs, Tina