Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wee Billabong is the latest Puddle to come out of my work room. I have been quite busy of late making critters as gifts and for competition. (the comps I got roped into.....what am I thinking? I really have difficulty with the pressure..sigh...haha)
Click on Billy's pic and it should take you to my website where you can view more photos of him and the adoption details.


Ann-Marie Dodd said...

I love your latest creation!!! I saw him on TT earlier. Thank you for doing Norah a favour!!!
Hugs Ann-Marie

Ellen said...

He is so much fun!!!! I love your puddles...My Christams Ornament is still hanging in my studio over my desk ready to make me smile whenever I look at him :)
I have an award for you, as shown on my blog Wendy

Matilda said...

thankyou for your kind words.
Thankyou Ellen for the 'award'. That is very sweet of you.
I'm still not puddles out just yet.
I thought I would be by now but I have many many more new designs and ideas to come.